Monday, June 8, 2015

Final Questions

1.  My strengths are photographing nature and "candid" moments because I feel like my best pictures were made from those subjects. I think I could work on my creativity and not being afraid to try something new, even though it may seem scary or unrealistic at first.

2. I have grown as a photographer this semester because I feel a lot more comfortable with just going out and taking pictures of a certain subject and I have also learned many things in Photoshop as well.

3. My favorite project was the Photo Essay because I liked being able to go an event and take pictures, because I got to decide how and where I was going to take the photos.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Photo Essay- Dirty Leprechaun 5k Run

Two participants of the Dirty Leprechaun 5k mud run show off their Irish outfits as they arrive at the event at Lee's Farm.

Participants of the run gather around the fire to stay warm and talk to others before the race begins. 

And they're off! The first wave of runners begin their muddy journey as they cross through the start line. 
The muddy course that awaits the runners as they make their way over. 

Splash! A runner jumps into a 2-foot mud pit making quite the splash as he enters.

A man looks ahead at his children as he finishes another part of the course.

A woman struggles to make it up an incline wall, so she is helped by her husband and friend to make it over. 

A runner attempts to walk atop a plank, and is frightened when she almost slips and falls off. 

A woman flashes a smile as she exits a tunnel of tires along the course. 

Bright balloons lead a muddy couple to the finish line of the Dirty Leprechaun 5k. 

Three friends covered in mud gather around the fire after the run to enjoy some beer.